Truth in Loss

Just learned last night that a friend of ours lost her young husband… I can’t help but cry and feel heartbroken for her and her family… I want to share something… Last year, there was a period when I felt completely surrounded by loss and bad news, not just in my life but in those around me. It seemed like everyday was full of sadness – loss of life, friends finding out they had cancer, etc.. I prayed nightly for understanding – meditating on Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 3..

We were sitting outside of Wingstop one day in my car, waiting on Lil Josh to pick-up his order. God asked me, “You want to know why I allow babies to get cancer?” It’s odd because I’d never asked that specific question, but it was certainly something I couldn’t grasp. Little ones suffering from anything never made sense to me, especially if we “reap what we sow,” (which I misunderstood)… Anyway, I started typing the message in my cell phone.

Basically, the Lord explained that our system of things is a lie. We adapt to stages of life that are taught to us and look forward to them with expectancy, (when the Lord taught to look forward to HIM with expectancy). I guess my stage of expectancy was in focus of my career and getting my kids through high school. And that’s OK, but there’s always a next item.. until we get old and retire and the world’s to-do lists aren’t so hectic. And only then (if I’m being honest with myself), would I have found the time to put God first. He would have taken a back seat to my stressful schedule and never-ending to-do lists, which would’ve probably continued another 40 years from now. That’s the lie he was showing me – I don’t have 40 years to reach for him. I’m not even promised 40 minutes. Somewhere deep down I always understood that death was part of life – just not part of my life. I felt invincible and guaranteed the statistical averages (60 to 80 years or more).

Anyway, in loss we’re taken out of the world for a moment in time. We reflect on the big picture – why are we here? what’s the purpose of this all? In loss, the stuff that used to matter is meaningless. The bible teaches us to seek Jesus with our whole heart. It’s easy to say but not easy to do…. I first learned how to do that when my tomorrow didn’t make sense anymore – when my heart was broken into so many pieces, I knew I wasn’t capable of putting it back together again. In loss, God is closest to us, holding out his arms with an invite to come to him and to get to KNOW HIM. In loss he taught me that the HERE AND NOW is just a vapor – over in a flash, like a short pit-stop before eternity begins. In loss he taught me that this place isn’t home.. HE is my home. As painful as it may be, loss is sometimes the necessary reminder – a walk through the fire that leads to life – real life. Like a wake-up call from Heaven, tapping me on the shoulder and exposing the lies of a broken world in order to reveal purpose in who I really am… a child of God destined for something much greater than this temporary home.

My prayer today is that all who are hurting can find purpose in their pain – and the empty spaces inside of their broken hearts will be filled with the love of Jesus, who has defeated death and set the captives free… He is life everlasting and the promise that we hold onto, knowing that in Him we will still have heartache and many trials in this temporary place, but it’s all just temporary… One day soon, he will wipe away all of our tears and raise us from these corruptible bodies into a beauty that we can’t even yet comprehend….. “And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.” – Hebrews 2:15…. God bless you all today in Christ Jesus <3

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