Book Trailer – Father Please Let Him Live


The book trailer for our new book Father Please Let Him Live is a brief introduction to our true story of tragedy, great loss, unshakeable faith and God’s had painting beauty even in our ashes.

Josh suffered a massive stroke on March 24, 2016, on his 39th birthday.  Through two emergency brain surgeries, we were told he wouldn’t likely live.  And if he did, he’d never do any of the things he once could – things like eating, speaking and walking.  God is the author and finisher of our faith and of our stories.  We invite you to join us on our journey through our new book – now available for purchase, Father Please Let Him Live.

Josh’s Video Journey through Massive Brain Stroke and Miraculous Healing


This video captures pieces of our journey – telling the story of Josh’s massive stroke, 2 brain surgeries, brain bleed and prognosis.  We were told Josh’s chances of survival weren’t good.  We were also told he may not eat or speak and would absolutely never walk again.

Our daughter MaeKenna sings and plays the piano to “Once and For All” – by Lauren Daigle in this video.

Father Please Let Him – Video Testimony of a 16 Year Old while Her Dad Fought to Live in ICU

It still seems surreal – the strength that Jesus bestowed upon our daughter in a moment that was undoubtedly, the hardest she had ever faced.  MaeKenna’s dad, Josh was fighting for his life in ICU after suffering a traumatic brain stroke that led to two emergency brain surgeries downtown Houston.  As his prognosis and chances of survival remained a question mark to the medical professionals and family members at Josh’s bedside, MaeKenna decided to leave the hospital to visit her hometown church.  She reached out the head youth pastor in a text message – God’s telling me to testify.

This is one of many miracles our family witnessed first-hand of the powerful, perfect peace of Jesus Christ – the author of our stories and the finisher of our faith.

We invite you to watch MaeKenna’s testimony in the videos below, that she gave in front of hundreds of teenagers while her father was in the midst of fighting for his life.  Please pre-order our new book FATHER PLEASE LET HIM LIFE to learn more of our journey.





She sang about JESUS for the very first time on this night..  Please enjoy her performance that followed her testimony in the church…